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Do taken men use dating apps because they are insecure?

I caught a dating notification on my BF's phone and he has been apologetic for the past two days. He was also apologizing for the very small things that I didn't even mind. And doing grocery so that I don't have to! I think maybe he felt really bad. I wonder if he used it in the first place because he felt insecure of us? There was a few times where he thought I have a new BF. And there was one time I didn't want to go to a wedding with him (because he didn't want me to in the first place), and then when he came back, he was saying that all women were with their boyfriends. I was just quiet then.

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    No, if your man is using a dating app, it's most likely (like 99%) because he is keen on hooking up with other women. He might claim he is insecure though, but that's not it.

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