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Is this okay for a wedding gift? I am a bridesmaid?

My two close friends are getting married and I am a bridesmaid. I want to get them $50 to their favorite restaurant and also a personalized painting of 2 skeleton lovers-they both love Halloween and are getting married on Halloween-with their names and wedding date and 'til death do us party'. I almost feel like I should get $100 gift card but I'm kind of poor lol. 


I'm sorry what does buy a complete outfit mean? My bridesmaid dress?

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  • Kelly
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    1 month ago
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    That is a great gift.

    As far as monetary amount, with the costs associated to being in a wedding, your wedding party is the least likely to give you an expensive gift and that's okay.  

    Gifts for a wedding are entirely optional, whether you're a guest or a member of the bridal party (who is also a guest).

    "Complete outfit" means you have paid for your dress, shoes, etc.  In the U.S. it is common for each member of the wedding party to pay for their own attire.  Plus many also contribute financially to the bridal shower and the bachelorette party if there is one of either of these.  

    A wedding for a member of the bridal party is a good $500+ investment in the U.S., before a gift.

  • drip
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    1 month ago

    As an adult you look at your budget and you determine what amount is reasonable to spend on a gift.  My daughter got $10-$300 from guests. When she got married. 

    Your gifts sound fine. Especially since you know they love Halloween. I would drop the ‘Til death do us party. It sounds odd. Just out their names and date.

  • Jerry
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    1 month ago

    With people worth knowing, it is the thought that counts. These gifts sound perfectly splendid. Your serving as a bridesmaid counts as a gift too if you're in the USA. You did dig into your wallet to buy a complete outfit for your friends, yes? 

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