Unpopular opinion: Hip hop is at a low for MCs but at a high for producers ?

From ‘82-‘97 were the best years for hip hop, lots of classic tracks, vocals are mixed with the instrumentals and the lyrics matched the vibe of the beat. 

I was listening to a lot of songs from ‘98-‘02, it seemed like the beat making and production got kinda lazy in those years. Sometimes it was so bad the vocals got drowned out or lyrics didn’t match the vibe of the beat. 

I listen to a lot of local rappers in my free time and I find that the beats they use are pretty dope but that the lyrics are kinda annoying and repetitive. 

Agree or disagree with this unpopular opinion?

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  • Wokaz
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    1 month ago
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    I can agree with this to an extent, although there are still a number of brilliant MCs out there. However it does seem the most high-profile producers now tend to make more beats for less lyrical rappers. For example Pi'erre Bourne makes some dope beats but gives them to pre-school dropout Playboi Carti to mumble nonsense over.

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