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I think someone used my ssn as a cpn?

Hi im Jaylen and im 20 years of age. I’ve been so busy working from home as a entrepreneur I’ve never had time to worry about my credit the last couple of years. I knew it was important but now that I have enough money to be financially stable I felt as if it was the right time to try and build my credit. I was surprised to see when I checked my credit score on credit karma it said my credit was already a 759, very strange. So i said let me check again on Experian and it was the same score but to my surprise it had even more info. It said i had a open bank account since 2016 with navy federal. Now this makes no sense because at the time I would have been 16, back then i never even knew my ssn number let along how to open a bank account. I mean i did have a short term part time job at 18 and file for my tax refund but i had no problems. But a thought did come across my mind. This person did seem to have good intentions with this cpn so can i just keep the score? I really wanted to try and rent a car out and build my own credit but. Maybe me and whoever is using it can share it. I honestly dont want to go through the trouble of getting a new ssn. Plus apparently my credit is already good what should I do. 


It was my dad y’all he was helping to improve my credit from the shadows my bad.

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    First - get a copy of your credit report and review it.  Does the social security number match yours?    If yes - THAT will show you where you already have credit  opened...it will show your history and it will give you account numbers.

    Next - contact your parents and ask them if they ever opened up accounts in your name with any of the places on the credit history.

    If yes...problem solved....  you can skip the rest of this.

    If NO.....

    NEXT - contact every company on the credit report where you do not remember having opened up an account...and CLOSE THAT ACCOUNT.

    Next - after you have closed all of the accounts that you do not remember or you feel are suspicious  LOCK YOUR CREDIT!    To do this you contact the three largest credit reporting agencies and you request to have your credit locked. (Your bank can probably help you with this) - That means that no one, not even you can open up NEW credit without first contacting the credit bureaus and requesting that they unlock your credit.

    And this is far FAR easier than trying to get a new SSN issued.

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    No, you do not want to "share" it.  You can't get a new SSN, it does not work that way.  You need to report to the bureaus that those accounts were not opened by you, you need to contact the credit holders and report it as well.

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