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Does Yoel Cohen Sing to Jehovah?

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    Basically, yes.

    Yoel is a religious Jew, who prays to G-d. Jehovah is just a Latinized form of Yahweh, a name which represents our G-d. His prayers to G-d can come (and often do) come in the form of songs. As he sings to G-d and that G-d can be called Jehovah, the answer to "Does Yoel Cohen sing to Jehovah" is yes.

    I will throw a caveat in there, though: Jews do not refer to their G-d as Jehovah. I am equating the names but in practice using Jehovah to represent the Eternal is extremely strange for a Jew. It's even rare to see the usage of the Yahweh, and you'll mostly see names like Adonai (our Lord) or ha'Shem (the name). As such, some Jews would answer no because Jehovah is a more Christian name and there are differences in thought when it comes to the nature of G-d between Christians and Jews. I'm not going to sweat that detail personally, as we worship the same G-d overall; but, it is worth a mention.

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