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Is it true that Sufis existed long before Islam existed?

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    Yes , in Christianity , they were called Rahib and in Jewism Ribbibie which still exists . in Hinduism, too , People used to go in Jungle , sits alone to worship called gian Dhian in their Language which still exist in Hindu and Budism which used to be called Nirwan . Sufi Ism is thus a Islamic version of worship in isolation in ancient religions

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    1 month ago

    no.... cause if you understand what Islam means... submission to the one God.. then youll know, Adam and Eve submitted to the one God.. so Islam in itself, regardless of the name " islam"  existed from the beginning.. 

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    Yes , during the time of the old Prophets of the Israelites , many have live the lives of seclusion or as called Hermits for a period of times. even John the Baptist did live his life as hermits until his mother went there and call him back. In Islam, we mean,  the only religion of GOD send down for all mankind from the beginning till the end of time, so all the Prophets of GOD preach the same Islam in different eras of the world and Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of GOD, preach the same Islam to all mankind of the last generation till the last hour comes.. 

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