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Steven asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 3 months ago

What should the rules be for cake fighting?

I know how much ladies love a good old fashioned cake fight.

However i was thinking that this could actually be turned in to a legitimate sport for ladies.

Far better than boxing imao.

But what could the rules of the game be?


How would we determine the winner(s) and loser(s)?

Would it be a singles sport? Or team sport?

What would the rules be? 

In what type of arena would it take place?

What size would the pitch be?

What would be the violations, and how would violations be punished? Et cetera

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1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Somehow, after reading your questions, I highly doubt you know very much about ladies or, for that matter, women in general.

    Your sexual fantasies are, well, unusual.

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