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  • 3 months ago

    If you’re asking about the UK CBT (Certificate of Basic Training) then all new UK motorcycle riders must get a CBT certificate BEFORE they are legally permitted to ride a motorcycle on L-plates on UK roads. 

    There is no pass or fail on CBT: it just certifies that you have been given basic safety training for a day so that you start on the roads with at least some experience and knowledge.

    Once you have a CBT it lasts three years. Depending on your age, you can ride up to a 125cc machine (there is a maximum legal power output as well). If you have not taken your motorcycle test during those 3 years then you must stop riding until you complete another day of CBT. 

    The CBT is recorded against your DVLA driver record: so if police stop you it is very easy for them to check that your CBT is still valid. If your CBT has expired then you may be arrested: the bike will definitely be confiscated as your insurance will be invalidated by not having a CBT. You will then face charges of operating a motor vehicle on the public highway whilst uninsured. If found guilty then your vehicle may be destroyed or sold at auction and you’ll also face a criminal penalty: usually a fine. You’ll also find it very difficult/impossible to get insured to operate any vehicle for at least six years.

  • 3 months ago

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