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All season tire vs Winter Tires?

I have an all season tire for my 08 mustang but will winter tires better? I move to WA and planning to go Leavenworth for thankgiving... my overall question is that will a winter tire okay to used even if i drive around the road..let say cali ..florida?


okay found out the traction will be less during the summer... what kind of tires you guys or gals recommend for driving in the snow?

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    "Winter tires" (in WA) implies studded. Those are not allowed down south. Keep your all season tires on, and buy a set of chains (because sometimes even studded tires are not enough). {Find a safe place to practice driving in the snow - like an empty parking lot.} - 50 years in rain, and snowy mountains.

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    For snow, ice and just generally colder ambient temperatures, a winter tire does perform better than an all season.

    Winter tires generally have more grooves and sipes which help with traction on the snow and more silica in the rubber compound which helps with lower temperatures.  However, as the temperature rises ( tire companies generally state 45 F or +7 C is the threshold for switching tires ) those tread sipes make the tires more noisy and handling worse and the silica can't take heat very well so it ends up burning off faster in hotter temperatures.  You could safely drive around California or Florida for a few weeks without doing any major damage but if you left winter tires on all summer, they wouldn't last very long at all.

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    Winter tyres worn well in cold weather as well as with snow. They are NOT studded.

    You can drive on dry roads in warmer temperatures with little problem for a short time. In Scotland guy have to guess when the bad weather will start and end, so there are invariably times at the beginning and end of winter when it’s a bit warm for them,

    I don’t know about Florida type temps though.

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    Winter tires shouldn't be used when the temperature is over 50 degrees Fahrenheit. They are made with softer rubber and wear out very fast in hot weather.

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    Buying only for the rear in a rear wheel drive vehicle is not advised.

    In a nutshell, most of your braking comes from your front tires.  When you have super grippy rears and junk all seasons (yes, all seasons are junk in the snow), you will run into the issue of hitting the brakes and having the front lose traction, while the rear is still grabbing...  Which means your car goes straight.  

    Imagine pulling up to a stop light, hitting the brakes and the rear drive wheels keep spinning, pushing the car forward until you hammer the brakes hard enough for all 4 wheels to lock up... Now add in abs, which doesn't like this...

    You can also run into the issue where while not even braking, the front end loses traction and the rear still grabs, not fun.

    Winter tire life can be measured in hundreds of miles if used in the summer....

    Have to figure out what will work for you.

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    The obvious solution is to acquire four spare rims from a car breaker and have a set of winter tires fitted. That way you will have peace of mind when it snows and your all season tires will be best for warmer weather.

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