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I'm curious about the fuss over abortion?

my feelings on it are neutral, but my question is for republicans and conservatives. A woman gets raped by a stranger and gets pregnant. So you're saying she should have the kid cause u are "anti abortion". How does that work? she's supposed to expect to marry someone else and expect that guy to take care of the kid from the rapist?

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Answer the actual question asked. you expect the woman to take care of the rape result child all by herself and not marry forever cause it will be impossible to find a partner who's willing to raise that kid?

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  • Zirp
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    7 days ago

    It's just an excuse to depict "the other side" as "evil".

    > A woman gets raped by a stranger

    sometimes it's a girl, or a boy, or a man. Almost never it's a stranger doing it

    > How does that work?

    According to rabid (f)rightwingers, she should have just kept her legs closed.  Just like poverty is caused only by the poor having made the wrong choices

  • Shawn
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    7 days ago

    Your 'feelings' on this are not neutral.  That is a lie as the rest of your paragraph proves.  My feelings on this issue are not neutral either.  There is no justification for infanticide and the murder of innocents.  The scenario you wrote about is an extremely rare one and although the rape is a sin and tragedy trying to justify the murder of an innocent life is a much worse sin.  A comparison analogy would be murdering all Germans because the Nazis brought so much destruction and death to the world and the Jews.  Your though processes have been polluted by indoctrinated liberalism\leftism and therefore are illogical and intentionally deceptive.  Shame on you.  

  • 7 days ago

    IF I was a Republican/Fundamentalist Christian, I'd have a good answer for that.  The 'baby' created by the rape has the same human rights as any other human.  It isn't the 'baby's fault he/she was the product of rape.

    But as a liberal Jewish/Agnostic, I have a different answer.  Abortion is a carefully-managed political issue disguised as a religious issue, a tenet of faith.  As such, Republican politicians do what they can to keep it a vital issue, keep it in the news, keep people arguing about it.

    So when Republicans first proposed to re-ban abortion, in the wake of Roe v. Wade, they wanted to allow three exceptions--rape, incest, and danger to the health of the mother.  But ever since then they've talked about eliminating these exceptions. 

    The health of the mom, for instance.  Any doctor would happily agree that having an unwanted baby would endanger the mental/emotional health of the mother!  So we gotta eliminate that one.  Let's restrict it to threatening the LIFE of the mother.

    Then rape.  This was a big one in the 2012 election.  An unmarried woman who gets pregnant accidentally can CLAIM she was raped.  So let's eliminate that one.

    And GHW Bush advocated a bill eliminating the incest exception.  (Also incest is often seen as a category of rape!)

    I believe the Republicans never really intended to ban rape, and won't.  It's a very powerful issue for them!  Plus a real abortion ban would be VERY unpopular across the country!  But if they DO manage, somehow, to reverse Roe v. Wade, they wont' be done arguing about it.  They'll still argue about the exceptions and limits, if there are any, to keep the issue alive and powerful in election years.

  • 7 days ago

    Rape victims have Plan B readily available not only at the ER but also over the counter with no prescription required .

    There is no good reason to wait until after conception and carrying a viable fetus only to go through a traumatic , surgical abortion .

    There , now that 1/4 of 1% of abortions have been addressed , what about the other 99.75% ?

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  • 7 days ago

    We usually don’t advocate murder of the innocent due to someone else’s crime. Is this something democrats/liberals support?

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