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Has a job you been at ever not paid you for the hard work you did? If so, what happened? Did you take them to court?

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I'm sorry everyone for what happened to you. I can relate.

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  • 5 days ago

    No, I was always paid by my job, but I would have gone to court if necessary.

  • 7 days ago

    Yeah, I worked one summer for a fledgling landscaping company. The guy who owned it was decent, but didn't know how to manage money and did not know what starting a business entails (neither did I at the time). He was always promising that we would be paid on a certain date, and he would delay it, then delay it again. During 3 months, I got one check. Toward the end of summer, I was gassed from working long days in the heat and decided to quit. He owed me for over a month of work. Kept telling me the check was coming, and then would make up excuses for the delay. I told him I was taking him to small claims court, where not only will they make him pay, they will make him pay 3x damages. Two hours later, he showed up with a check. I put that thing in the bank as quickly as I could. 

  • Stella
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    7 days ago

    A company I was working for just stopped paying us.  After a few weeks the owner sold the business but still owed us back pay.

    We didn't take him to court but we did file complaints with the state labor board.

    I guess they put some pressure on him because he eventually paid us.

  • 7 days ago

    Yes I did a sales job way back years ago I did one week and was supposed to get paid but I never got paid. I landed a job soon after and a whirl wind of things happened  I just let it go. I get paid pretty well now anyway I have a much better job.

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