Does this really show how hypocritical these right wingers are about the COVID ?

And racism towards Asians 

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  • 7 days ago

    Oh gee, a cartoon made by delusional idiot on the Left who is incapable of dealing rationally with ACTUAL attitudes of those on the Right. This is a form of political cowardness on theirs and your part you have to hide behind.

  • not
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    7 days ago

    It shows ignorance. 

    "We need to hold them accountable". Lets think about that, let's ask. Prior to covid19 science knew wet markets would create the next zoonotic virus. Should China or it's people take any responsibility? Or should they ignore science? 

    "They're killing us with the kung flu". Is it right wingers who cry about covid every day? Or do right wingers claim things like according to CDC 200,000 a year for to preventable heart disease and the left doesn't bat an eye? Or it's just a flu? 

    This cartoon is a poor attempt at projection.

  • Troy
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    7 days ago

    No, for one "right wingers" have not expressed hatred for asians. Not in regards to the plague started by the Chinese government or for any other reason. 

    The false narratives and intentional conflating of facts is inaccurate for what appears to be deceptive purposes. 


    The cartoon is further offensive as it depicts Asians as quivering cowards. 

  • Lv 7
    7 days ago


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  • 7 days ago

    Who knows who penned the cartoon?  It shows nothing but the imagination of the person who created it.  LOL

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