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Should Rudy Giuliani be demanded to cease and desist the illegal publication of stolen e-mails or else face strong legal consequences?

I think he is helping a foreign government ILLEGALLY interfere in our election.

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    7 days ago
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    He is so inept that it's very amusing.

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    You are an idiot.  Rudy Giuliani cleaned up NYC and Rudy can clean up Washington.  Joe Biden needs to withdraw from running today.  Hunter Biden's laptop proves that he and Joe are crooks.  Joe is not fit to handle foreign policy.  Also to whom in Congress was the laptop info given?  and when?   Congress needs to give some answers to the American people TODAY.  

    If you'll remember, it was Rudy Giuliani that gave the Saudi his check back after 9/11.  Rudy wasn't taking any bribes of guilt or anything from them.

  • Trump admitted those were his returns, NYC.

    You're starting to get the fake and real mixed up.  Take a breather.

  • 7 days ago

    Nope..  same way fake MSNBC published Trumps Tax Returns..  even though they were fake anyways!  

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