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I've been avoiding anti-depressants for years,now I'm feeling stressful and anxious,can I ask my therapist for only short-term medication?

I'm feeling stressful and anxious due to circumstances.Can I ask my therapist to not give me any medication more than a few weeks?

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    Good luck with that. They’ll try to convince you need to take them much longer than that. Maybe for years. Maybe for the rest of your life. Believe me I’m serious. And psychiatric drugs are very dangerous. Take it from me who’s been very damaged by them over the years, even anti-depressants. 

    To me antidepressants are the ‘gateway drugs’ of the psychiatric drug world. Because they have been known to cause people to become hypomanic and then if that happens they’ll diagnose you as ‘bipolar’ and  try to put you on something really deadly like lithium carbonate for example. One of the most deadly of them all. Which will destroy you. It happened to me. 

    After being on and off these drugs for a large part of my life I finally wised up after the last round of them which nearly killed me. I have permanent neurological and other damage now. I finally learned my lesson. Haven’t taken them now in more than three years and will never take them again. I would literally rather die. And I’m serious. That’s how bad the damage has been.

     And don’t expect a psychiatrist to ever warned you of the dangers of these drugs as they prescribe them. Because they virtually never do. After all if they told you how dangerous they were, even the anti-depressants, you would never take them. And then they’d have to get a real job I guess.

  • Mark
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    There are a number of low-dose anti-anxiety medications you can take for YEARS and not get addicted to them.  Stay away from Xanax (not only is it addictive, but it causes amnesia).  Go for a low dose of Clonepin, maybe.

  • Aaron
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    1 month ago

    no matter how stressful you are ,you should avoid using so called sedative ,hypnotic ,

    these drugs will result in some side effects and hasten the deterioration of your health,you should hang out often ,

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    You can ask but it would be useless. Antidepressants don't work immediately. Most people take at least 6 weeks before they notice anything different. It has to build up in your bloodstream. There is no point to taking antidepressant medication for a few weeks. 

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  • Seth C
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    1 month ago

    Why are you avoiding them? Millions of people (including me, 5 of my relatives and a number of friends) have found amazing relief from various SSRIs! Why not try one. You can always stop taking it if you do not like it!!

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    if u are anxious etc it may be better to see a therapist to try and solve the problems u have without medication.

  • Chanel
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    1 month ago

    You already have the answers from other user's that antidepressants take a while to kick in before you begin to feel better.

    However, if you tell  your above question to  your doctor he will probably help you more  as you have mentioned that you do not want to become reliant on medication as there are a lot of patients who visit a doctor cos they are drug seeking and he/she will realize that you are not a pill seeker.

    With antidepressants it can be trial and error before you get the one that suits you.

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    FACT:  Anti-depressants take time to build up in the body to have an effect.  You cannot take the medication for a few days or a week and expect to see any relief.

    For most anti-depressants, it may take six weeks to almost 10 weeks until patients can get relief from the medication.  It's a lot like an can't take a day or two of the antibiotic and expect the infection to be cleared up or your body rid of it.

    And understand that there are forms of illness that are chronic and life long and if a person has one of these illnesses, they must take medication for life...just like a diabetic.

    However, a wise medical consumer will JUDGE the effectiveness of the medication they are prescribed and work one on one with their doctor to MAKE SURE their medication is effective and working for them.  And so a short trial of any medication taking into consideration the length of time it takes to work in the body, is ALWAYS a wise idea.

  • 1 month ago

    My PCP prescribed hydroxyzine for my anxiety, and it really helps

  • 1 month ago

    Most antidepressants take weeks to kick in so he would have to agree fairly long term treatment, but I don't see why he would object of you feel that anxious.

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