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Can Neon gas became a safe gas for the future vehicles and machineries?

Such as pasmla Coils, and engines? How to use it as well... I just want to know. 


If not please do tell me what gas can? Not from a gas tank. 

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    Neon gas is a safe and inert gas. But it’s also scarce and expensive.

    Your question suggests that you think it can be used as a fuel. Wrong. 

    If you want a candidate gas for use as fuel then hydrogen is the natural and obvious choice. It’s the most common element in the entire Universe, but it is tricky to store safely. But the problems are well-understood and so there are various means of using hydrogen: the most common are by simple combustion and the most efficient alternative is in fuel-cells to directly generate electricity. 

    The big money research is on using hydrogen in fusion reactors which replicate how stars work to produce energy. But that method always seems to be a decade or so away, and that prediction has been the same for at least the last 40 years.

    Alternative gases such as methane have the massive disadvantage of being extreme greenhouse gases in themselves, and produce another greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, when burnt, so it’s not a suitable long-term alternative to gasoline.

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