What kind of adapter?

The bottom light blinks constantly, the one that says TEL2. I've plugged in different places and it still blinks. My AC Neilson scanner is connected to the modem. It didn't blink until after moving here, Spectrum had me connected to a modem and router. They didn't give me a router here, that's Infinity. So the lady said I need an adapter and there are all kinds. She said a cheap one will work fine. Can someone tell me what I need to do please??

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    1 month ago

    you have given such sparse information here that i don't know what you actually are asking for.

    an adapter for WHAT?

    why does your scanner need connected to the internet? shouldn't it just be connected to your computer? is it a special type of scanner? if so, what does it do?

    if some lady said you needed some "adapter", you should ask her to specify what the adapter is called or what it does, or something!

    we have no way of knowing what you need if YOU don't even know...

  • 1 month ago

    Having found the instruction manual for a Neilson homescan unit, it just needs to plug in to a basic telephone outlet.

    If your internet setup is DSL, then plug the thing in to anywhere a normal phone works. It probably needs a DSL filter in line so it does not affect the internet signal, but you should have been provided with some of those for your phones.

    If you are on direct fibre or cable, the phone service may be provided by the modem/router.

    Try it with a normal phone connected and see if you can make calls? If you can, the scanner should work.

    If you cannot, then you need to get the phone service enabled by the internet provider.

    Or, contact Neilson (or whoever provided the scanner) and get the GPRS / 3G version, that does not need a phone connection.

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