Why did iCloud not transfer all of my photos and videos?

I got a new iPad and recently backed up my old iPad before trying to transfer stuff to The new iPad via the iCloud. I had more than enough space to do a backup, but when I set up The new iPad, only about half of my photos transferred over. And there’s really no pattern as to what didn’t transfer. It’s just random photos here and there that didn’t make it over to the new iPad.

1 Answer

  • David
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Assuming you have used the same Apple ID and password, then it should work. Did you actually set your old iPad to store the photos on iCloud?, if there are many photos it may be taking a while. 

    Otherwise speak to the Genius Bar at an Apple store for further help. You could also try logging into iCloud to see if all your photos are there.

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