Why US presidents make so little money compared to late night show hosts in US?

Can someone explain this for me? how is this even possible?! According to the info from different accredited websites on google, US president's annual salary is much less than the annual salary of most famous talk show hosts:

- US president's annual salary: $400,000 per year

- Jimmy Fallon's annual salary: $16 million-$25 million per year

- Stephen Colbert's annual salary: $15 million per year

-Ellen DeGeneres annual salary: $77 million per year

- James Corden's annual salary: $9 million per year

- Jimmy Kimmel's annual salary: $15 million per year

-* and this one is even more surprising: Guillermo Rodriguez (Jimmy Kimmel's chubby assistant/correspondent) annual salary:$500,000 per year (even more than US president???!). Also needless to mention that most of what these talk-show hosts do is also already based on the content/materials made for them in advance by their production teams/writers, etc. Considering this, I don't know why there is no talk about why late night show hosts make that much, and instead being president is such a big deal? Why should talk show hosts make such huge amounts which is not even comparable with the US president's salary???!!

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