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Need a good reason for two unknown people to love each other, for a plot ?

The story is about a fugigive ex conv, innocent who did subversive activities against the enemy forces, who is on the run and meets a girl that forces him to interrupt his journey, because he basically falls for the fact that he feels sorry if he doesn't protect her (he likes her physically and emotionally, but doesn't understand it cause he thinks he is just feeling sorry for her). He takes care of her when she is wounded, alone, poor, without anyone, defends her from people who hate her and hit and mistreat her, bears her bad mood and unfriendliness just to prove her that there's still someone who cares about her. Then she realizes she doesn't want to let him go and loves him even more, and does the same thing he did to her when he is about to die due to a sickness. But how to justify this sudden love between two unknown people, if it's irrational and inexplicable?

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    I don't really see why you need to justify it, it already stands on its own. He helped her because he has a stong moral compass and she helped him out of gratuity. 

    I prefer novels where the reader gets to do some of the thinking. Those that can be discussed in book groups. Those are the books that stay with me. 

    Btw, "innocent but did subversive activities against the enemy forces" contradicts itself.

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    He sounds like a total subordinate. Maybe one day she stomps on his nuts with her stilettos and he cries in pain but pain is his pleasure. And he asks her to do it again and they fall in love

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    Oh dear lord in heaven, not you again.

    Reported.We're all sick of you and your silly so-called plot.

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    They both are alien beings from another dimension who eat human flesh for breakfast. 

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  • Marli
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    2 months ago

    How does one "justify" love?  Love between two people who wish to be intimates in all things begins with attraction, then liking more and more while they learn about each other and trust each other. Then they are so compatible that they want to commit to each other for life - or at least for a long time. I don't know how some marriages can be 'justified" - those of my homosexual friends or people who seem not ideal for each other. All I can see from outside their relationships are that they do love each other for better and for worse. I just wonder and wish them long, happy lives together.

    Frankly I always wonder at your couple.  What does that man see in her? Why does he burden himself with her?  Is he a knight errant wanting a damsel in distress to save? Is it guilt that he was not around when his sister needed him? Does he feel he needs to find salvation and peace of heart by caring for this shrewish waif who stirs him sexually? There were (are?) men who try to whip their desires and guilt out of them. Is she a femme fatale, using him to get what she wants but not caring about him until she nearly loses him?

    You are their creator, so you are the only one who can figure out why your characters are what they are. Are they afraid of the attraction? Are they afraid of being hurt by trusting each other with their inner selves? Are they afraid of betrayal? Why are they bound together if the man must flee? She is a drag on him. He doesn't need her. She shows she dislikes him. Why does she cling to him? Because she wants his protection? Because she wants someone to boss and be nasty to who will treat her like a princess? It's said that bullies were bullied when they were helpless.

    Somehow they must melt that wall of silence and fear between them. They won't walk away from each other, yet neither will give the other what he or she desires, and neither will share confidences.

  • Tina
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    2 months ago


    Please, please stop.

    You could have written several drafts of your story, and been trying it out on agents by now if you hadn't asked all these pointless questions.

  • Elaine
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    2 months ago

    So now you have an ex con instead of a POW escapee.  Give us a break.  Write your story and spare us reading your posts and asking for answers.  Enough already!!!  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    We were hoping that you had died. We're very disappointed that you didn't. This latest post will be flagged for removal as repeater troll spam. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Holy Christ, *another* one! Please just write your uber-romantic pap and stop asking for our pre-approval and input.

    Real love has nothing to do with going through trials together, although that might start a sexual relationship. Love is two people who get to know one another very well, each of them offering the other something wonderful that they really want.

    You seem to think love is taking care of someone who's temporarily helpless, then putting up with her. The reason you struggle with sudden love that's irrational and inexplicable is because that isn't love at all.

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