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Requirements for Workplace Accommodations(ADA)?

I have had sensory issues my whole life. As a result, if I am wearing too much clothing, I experience sensory overload and completely break down and am unable to function on some equations. Legally in my state to work in food service you need some sort of hair restraint. I talked to my old manager and she said I didn't need to wear one because of these issues. I told my new manager I don't wear a hat because of sensory issues, so she told me I had to wear a hair net(which is even worse). I don't have a diagnosed disability and I don't really want to get one because of stigma. Is there a way to still receive workplace accomodations?

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  • 2 months ago

    accommodations must be reasonable.

    it is NOT reasonable to exclude you from the hair covering requirement.  that is a health code violation.

    and to get an accommodation, you need to have a diagnosis.

    you have to come up with a hair covering you can tolerate, shave your head, or get a different job.

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    2 months ago

    You cannot receive workplace accommodations unless you are willing to be diagnosed by a professional. 

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