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Trying to go Vegetarian?

Hi everyone I have been trying to go vegetarian for a few months now but I am finding it extremely difficult to like the food.  I have tried Quorn mince, veggie burgers and other meat alternatives but they're all terribly disgusting to me.  I'm desperate to find something I can eat other than plain pasta and plain rice but I don't understand why I cannot find something nice.

The only tolerable things I've found so far is vegetarian nuggets and a garlic and mushroom kiev and that's good but I feel like I am wasting away during my hunt for good alternative foods that don't contain meat.

Is it best to not look for meat alternatives and just eat the carbs and get the protein another way?  The problem is I don't like nuts either but I like fruit. 

Any ideas?


@Anton - No, nothing to do with animal cruelty, health reasons.  I discovered the harm meat does to the human body and how many illnesses are linked to feasting on it

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    I think you're approaching vegetarianism wrong. You are seeking to substitute a "fake" product to replace meat, and aren't happy with what's available, because you want to continue to eat the way you have been only with pretend meats.

    That's not really how vegetarianism works best. You need to eat foods other than meat for your protein and fat. That's beans, lentils, cheese, nuts and nut butters, tofu, edamame, and if you include them, eggs and dairy.

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    I think the best things would be to seek less processed substitutes. Instead, go for high protein foods like beans and lentils. Cauliflower is surprisingly an amazing substitute too! Over time your taste could change too. If you eat a ton of grains, veggies and whole foods you can get enough protein and carbs.

    I'm so glad you are trying to go vegetarian for your health, it is amazing!

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    Taste is just habit.  I used to love pepper until I developed a food sensitivity to it..  I began to make my own lentil soup.. One day I ran out so I had a can of soup I had stored in my cupboard.   It contained pepper and I didn't like the taste. I haven't eating meat in decades and the smell is now nauseating to me.  Penn Jillette has a video on youtube about resetting his taste-buds. Check it out.  

    Enjoy eating less violent foods. 

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    If you continue eating pasta and rice, you're going to get fat.  why not just eat whole, natural foods?  Vegetables, meat, eggs.  

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    Cauliflower is the new 'in' thing, there will be many recipes on Google [riced, pizza bases, marinaded cauli steaks, e.t.c.]

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    its hard go slow i started by going to one day a week now i am up to 3 days a week

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