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My dad is from Chile and my mom is American of polish and Austrian ancestry...Am I A  person of color ?

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    You have a good point there, are we not all people of some kind of color? White is a color. I'm guessing your skin is a bit light brown and if so they would call you a person of color. I think it depends on how you relate, I'm 1/4 Cuban but no one would know it and they would consider me Caucasian. It's frustrating. Sometimes I just say I'm 1/4 Latin.  That's an awesome combination BTW. I love Spanish food and I also love Polish food.  I'm vegetarian now, so I have to make it veggie style but still, yum!

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    That depends on whether white racists treat you as white or not. If they treat you as white, you are not POC

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    You come from lite skin people both Hispanic and White so you are better then the dark skinned people.

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    That depends. I would say youre as white as they come, but in the usa they have really weird ideas about race.

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    Look in the mirror. What do you see? If you see a caucasian, you're not a person of color.

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    You are a human being - that is all that matters.

    If you go back to the origins of the human species, we all come from Africa, and our way-back ancestors had dark skins - thus even modern white people (like you and me) had ancestors with dark skins.

    Note that a 'person living in Chile' might be of pure (northern) European stock, thus white even by the standards of some people in the USA.

    I agree with Jack, there are some weird ideas about race in the USA, usually promoted by bigoted white racists.

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    Depends maybe on your father, as some Chileanos are pure European ancestry while others have some Native American ancestry.  BUT you may also have Mongol ancestry from your mother, as the 13th century invasions of Europe left their mark in Poland, Hungary, Austria, etc.  Only a valid DNA test can answer.  Mine did show an allegation of Mongol along with the expected Europeans.

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    You're probably of mixed race. But have a DNA test to clearly identify you ethnicity.

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    I dunno. It's all a bunch of cr@p to me, but I know, for other people, it is not.

    How white are you?

    You no doubt understand, racists are very superficial with regard to how they judge other people.

    There is probably some number on the RGB computer scale of hue that represents the line at which some some idiots will want to judge you.

    My advice is to just be yourself. You can do that. F**k racist scumbags.

    I'll hold your hand, and I'll bash the f**k out of any racists. They will feel my white-boy terror.

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