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Why do you suppose Joe Thornton signed with the Leafs & assuming there's NHL hockey in 2020-21 how do you think he'll do & how about Toronto?

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    He'll go on a legendary points streak, score a lot for a month and finish with 40pts. We will all remember him as a great Leaf who we let down with our crappy organizational depth

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    1- He signed with Toronto because he feels they give him the best shot at winning a cup before he retires within the next year or so. Note I'm saying he feels that way, I'm a Leafs fan, and I am not in any way suggesting they have the best shot out of the 31 teams, merely giving you what Joe's motives here are.

    2- How do I think he'll do? I think he'll play 4th line minutes at E/S, and he'll get a fair amount of powerplay time on the first unit IMO. I see him getting 30-35 points out there, I see him being a positive voice in the dressing room, and I see him retiring as a Leaf.

    3. How do I think Toronto does? I think they'll breeze into the playoffs, I have no doubts about it, they'll be much better this upcoming regular season. Where the true test lies is the playoffs... and it pretty much rides or dies on Andersen. If, and big IF, Andersen can finally prove he can be a true #1 goalie come playoff time, then I see this team going real deep, hell I think they have a good shot at the cup. However, I can also see them being bounced in the 1st round (again), if Andersen can't be bothered to show up when it matters most.

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    He signed with the Leafs because this was one of the very few teams that wanted him. I do not think he will make much of an impact with points; however, his presence will be felt in the lockeroom and is good for the younger guys (Matthews, Marner, Nylander) to look up to. 

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    At this point in his career, he's trying to get his name on the Stanley Cup, and believes that Toronto, of any teams that might have extended him an offer, had the best chance.  

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  • A few reasons:

    1) Thornton played his junior hockey in the Soo.  Dubas has shown an affinity for former Soo Greyhound players.

    2) Thornton is from the GTA.

    3) He thinks the Leafs give him a good chance to finally win a cup (certainly the team is a lot different than they were at this time a year ago).

    4) He's probably betting on a reduced regular season/possible in-conference-only regular season which means they don't leave the Eastern time zone.

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