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Views on Racism as a sociologist?

Using your understanding of sociology, explain how racism and the "racist mind" is about hatred and/or fear and/or power. In what ways do you think racism includes any , or all of these elements?

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     ‘Racism’ is about personal bias we all suffer from zxjdgk

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    Sociology shows me where I need to work on the bias within myself.  Not others.  They may not be like I am in any way.  And since I am in no way well aligned in reality, best I work on my own behavior first.  Try to coordinate that with reality.  

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    1 month ago

    This is a homework question.  Answer it yourself, using what you've been studying in your class, your discussions and your reading.

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    Until you take account of the scientific case that RACE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT , you are racist one way or the other

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  • 1 month ago

    By "racists," are you including black racists?

  • Chanel
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    1 month ago

    People who are racist are just bigots and it may be a black person who saves their life one day.

    A lot of different cultures have been really nice to me so as for the racists it is their loss, plus we are not supposed to judge as none of us are perfect.

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    I teach sociology at two institutions and have published a very successful textbook in the field.  The concept of racism is relevant in Marxist critical race theory, where it is the assumption that the majority engages in racism to oppress minorities.  As a Durkheimian positivist, I reject critical race theory and reject the notion that white Americans in particular are any more or less racist than any other racial or ethnic group.  Objective evidence does not support the wild claims made by the critical theorists.     

    Critical theorists say it is systemic racism that leads minorities to commit more crimes, are more aggressive, have lower rates of meaningful employment, fail to complete high school, and attend college and drastically lower rates.  Positivists say that because they commit more crimes, are more aggressive, have lower rates of meaningful employment, and fail to get education that it is warranted that they be policed more and have a system in place to deal with the problems caused.

    It is nonsense to say a system is "racist."  Only individuals can be racist, and when laws are in place to deal with racism by individuals as they are, the system is being anti-racist.  It is racist to treat individuals of certain races differently under the law, which is what critical theory is all about.

  • Bobo
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    As a "sociologist", I have the ability to view society from the perspective of an outsider.  I would say that everyone has some degree of racism ingrained in their behavior.  Your question is more narrowly directed toward people who are obvious about their attitude toward others with whom they consider of poor character.  That behavior is not ingrained at birth--it is learned.  Notice that "learned" is used vice taught.  People generate their preferences and prejudices from observation and experience.  The culture clash that exists, does so because there are norms and behavioral patterns that differ among races of people.  It's not about hatred, fear, or power at all.  It's about simple impressions of individual character traits that manifest themselves over and over again such that they become a pattern and associated with a particular culture. With that said, racism is wrong, people should be judged individually based upon their individual character. 

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    1 month ago

    This isn't the homework section. 

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