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Where does all the poop get dumped from sewage systems not located anywhere near an ocean?

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    1 month ago

    The smart thing to do is use it as manure on the land or in a forest. It contains valuable minerals that petrol-based fertiliser lacks.

    That´ s one reason we have sewage-treatment facilities - even if there's a major river right next-door

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    Well, we mostly don't dump the poop into water anymore, except in low-technology and poverty-ridden places that cannot afford sewage treatment plants.

    The thing about sewage, and poop specifically, is that it is not permanent and will degrade if exposed to the right life forms (poop-eating bacteria, primarily), so that is what we do in sewage treatment plants.  Let the bacteria eat the stuff.  We don't depend on dilution anymore, or at least not anywhere that has the money to treat the sewage.

    But in those places that just dump raw sewage, they dump it into rivers.  It does, eventually, at least in part, end up in the oceans, because the bacteria and other life are still there, eating at it, so not all of it makes it to the oceans.  It takes longer and affects larger areas when we dump it into rivers than if we confine it to basins at a treatment plant, though.

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    It gets processed in the plant to various extents (most plants reduce the BOD but not the nutrients), chlorinated, and released to the nearest body of water. I have seen and tested the effluent that was "cleaner" than the stream it was released to.

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