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What does it mean if my teacher says, my presentation will be a pre-recorded and shown to the class. I Hate standing up presenting?

Does this mean the teacher will record me doing the presentation and then it is shown to the class. 

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    It's likely to be like when my teacher had us do that. I think you're to record a presentation, and then you're going to share it with the teacher and class somehow. I recommend asking your teacher how they want the second part done. You can ask either before or after getting a presentation recorded how you want. Don't stress too much, you get multiple chances when recording, unlike when you do it live!

    Hope this helps you . :)

    Source(s): I did something like this for some History/Government/whatever it was called class a couple years back. I had to record a presentation with a partner and share it with the teacher, who showed the class.
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    If it is "pre-recorded" and THEN shown to the class, the class will see only the recorded version.

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    It might mean that she plans to record it, or that she expects you to record it.

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    You are most likely required to record it yourself and then submit it electronically to the teacher. Ask your teacher for clarification. 

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