If artists want to SELL copies of their work (in the form of prints) or their original work, how do they do it best?

What is the best way to sell the artwork if that's the only physical things that they can sell? 

How do you sell artwork at all? Especially in the pandemic? 

If most people are unemployed or working minimum wage, would this mean most people aren't really buying artwork right now? 

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  • 2 months ago
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    You like to play in the painting game and now want your games pieces to pay for the play for it cost money to paint and people right don't even want to pay for the cost of the material the art piece displays.....and selling prints of the original better be good and sold cheaply just to make a dime....but E-bay could be one place and Amazon another.....sold either with or without the frame which you also make a profit on by selling the frames which can be an art piece itself so fine a artist that can create a frame and sell them also and make tons of money off them....If you are going into the Art business you must have a name......for what you sell your name must be on it.......If you think like a kid on ways to make money is how you must do to sell in the the Art Business....      

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