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What does your bugout bag include?

I have a general idea, but like do you keep things like life savings in cash in there (in a “safe” obviously), or only survival type things...? 

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    1 month ago

    Even at the grand old age of 74, I learn a new word at least once a week. Today's word - bugout bag.  It must exist, since my spell checker recognises it.

  • MS
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    1 month ago

    Cash (not life savings)

    Phone Charger


    Emergency blankets

    Matches or fire starter

    Pocket knife or similar

    First aid supplies


    Water filtration tablets


    Hygiene items

  • 1 month ago

    SURVIVAL type of things. 3 days worth is recommended in most places.

    A few days worth of cash ( some small bank notes)  NOT YOUR entire life savings.

    A paper list of important phone numbers. Your gadget may not work or not be charged up.

    Ready to eat food and water.

    Change of clothes medications for 3 days ,basic hygiene supplies, flashlight, lots of batteries

    Many many online guides for what should be in a "bug out " bag.

    I have TWO bags. One for me and one for Fluffy . Fluffy has a bag inside carry kennel. Remove bag from kennel insert Fluffy BUG OUT.6 answers

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