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What is artificial diet food (for ballet)?

My ballet instructor told us not to eat any artificial diet foods that could hinder our health or performance but I literally don’t know what artificial diet food is and I didn’t want to ask because she’s scary lol and I didn’t want her to think I was trying to get ideas to intentionally do it!! It doesn’t really matter since my mom cooks healthy meals every day anyway but I’m just curious. Also if artificial diet food is something like protein bars then I’d really want to know since I eat one before class often and I wouldn’t want her to see me eating it if that’s considered artificial or diet food?


I made myself anonymous for this because I post a lot of questions here and I feel stupid for asking this :/

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    2 months ago

    They could also mean the energy drinks that have become popular. Like Red Bull. These drinks are bad for your health. Also any pill, drink or supplement that advertise that say they will help you loose weight don’t take. Read your Ingredients  on power bars. 

    Diet pop/sodas may not have much calories, but they are very bad for your hearth and liver.

    I bet  other dancers in your class didn’t know what the teacher  meant either.

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    I think she may mean artificial sweeteners and artificial fat replacement foods . Plus overly  processed foods in general.  That would not be most but some protein bars but you would need to look at the actual ingredients. 

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    2 months ago

    Artifical diet food is not a recognised term for any food group. Ask your instructor.

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