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Adoption questions?

My sister is 18 and she has a certain medical condition that makes her to be unable to have biological children. This also makes me really sad, because I know that she wants to have kid, but she is planning on adopting. (I'm not talking about right now btw, I'm talking about sometime in the future). Last year we were talking about how many kids we wanted, and she said 4. Would that ever work out? She also wants to adopt from various countries around the world. How does adopting in the US work? What are some popular countries to adopt from around the world? How much does it cost (range) to adopt a child? How long does the process take? She wants to get married, but can you adopt as a single parent? Any other advice??? 

I'm worried something won't work out, idk what though. I worry a lot. I just want us both to have kids :))

Thanks!!! :)

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    Adopting from foster care in the United States is free, and it is quite easy to find a sibling group who needs a home, so it's not unreasonable at all to think she could adopt four children.

    One of my friends from college and her husband had two children, then decided to adopt a sibling group of three, then last year adopted the two siblings who were born after the first three were adopted.

    International adoption can be quite expensive, but if she is interested in it, there is no reason other than possibly financial that she couldn't do it.

    Source(s): Adoptee and Adoptive Mom.
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    Look up the Hague International Adoption Convention. That'll getcha started.

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    Why wouldn't it work?  People adopt several children all the time, particularly if they're going outside the US.  How long it takes and what the process entails depends on where they're adopting from.

    Also, if this really weighs on your mind when it isn't even your plan and your situation, you might want to speak to someone about obsessive tendencies.

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    hey u might not believe this but sometimes sisters, or cousins help out girls like this. and the doctors too. they give one of their biological children to the girl. even conceal the pregnancy and everything. like everyone is in on it. and the girl actually does fatten up with fattening pills. its kind of a sweet thing. but not for everyone or every family. they stay very attached as an aunt. and then girl doesnt mind because she is grateful. but obviously shes the mother ( the girl who is raising the baby, thats her baby) so its a type of adoption, but in the family. its been happening for years. usually the birth mother has allready had kids of her own, and is slightly older. 

    , and like i said for this to happen. The doctors and midwives al have to be in on it.

    i dont consider it as wrong.

    it can get complicated if the husband isnt convinced , but  it happens. can say the baby looks like girls family and he is happy.

    especially if the doctor made her in this condition, he feels really protective of all these things.

    because many are not tall , no adams apple and look 100 x more female than most female. so even the husband can be fooled, because she is so picture perfect.  and usually he is so in love he doesnt doubt her.

    and because of the selfnessness , even god makes the baby appear like the girl's grandmother, or someone. so its completly masked.

    i have always noticed the girl looks just like the mother or mother's mother. and then everyone is confused how they are not mother and daughter.or the son. Its never the son or daughter look like the biological dad. So even god approves of this. And it doesnt involve in vitroand all that.

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    Stop worrying about things that are none of your business, are years away, and about which you can't do anything.

    Hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. adopt children every day.  They are thousands of families who have adopted many children.  Children can be adopted from over 100 countries.  When you sister is an adult and ready to adopt, she will research the various requirements and restrictions in place at the time and proceed to qualify as an adoptive parent. Today, the cost of an international adoption runs between $20,000-$40,000 including legal fees, application fees, visas, travel, etc. 

    A lot of things can change by the time any of this is happening, so chill out or do some actual research on international adoption.


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    Sure, why wouldn't it workout. But be aware the international adoption can be expensive. Domestic adoption can also be expensive but adopting from foster homes is usually free (or close)

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    Getting a healthy white baby is very difficult and tends to be expensive. Adopting older is easier than young babies.

    Details can be googled.

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