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Would you start practicing drums at age 30+?

About a month ago I started to play cajon again after years of not playing. I did not play very well back then and I didn't touch the cajon at all for 5 years. When I started to play it was interesting to me that even without knowing certain songs I was able to play like it wasn't the 1st time. Or that it sounded like the original. People would come to me saying how it sounded good and they would compare me to some drummers in the community saying I play better. One friend even said that I was born with a talent for drums (cajon in this case). I do believe that I need a lot of practice but this was truly a surprise. I used to be very shy and never satisfied with myself and that's why I didn't really believe before that I could actually play any instrument. Now the problem is that a lot of time went by and I was in this mental state for more than a decade. This time I want to do something with it to get better at playing the cajon and even the drum set. I did play it before but as I had no money for lessons and for a drum set and a support that dream just fade. Do you think that it would be worth it to starts practicing again? I know that when I start learning something I have very hight standards. So if I start learning to play the drums I am not going to be satisfied until I am able to play any song that I want to play. Even hardcore. Do you think like 5 years or so would be enough to learn drums very well? Is it worth at all to start prancing now or am I too late? 


JJ: My neighbours are fine I am very considerate of others. You and anyone would be very happy to have me as a neighbour compared to what I've seen in my life :)

Update 2:

Thank you all for the answers! I lived my life as others wanted me to live it. I was the good kid type. Growing up I used to be bullied and sort of just accepted that I dont belong anywhere. Also I was surrounded with negative people who didnt believe in themself or in me. I was told I wasnt persistent but I think it was because Ive had interests but I was never supported in those but rather in things I didnt care about. Now I want to do things I want to do and not what others want for me.

Update 3:

So thank you for the kindness and I sort of started to be good at selecting what to believe and what not or at recognising the toxic and unsupportive people in my life. Its not that I dont accept an answer I dont like but Ive had nasty and jelous people in my life who I should not have listened to for a second ever. I will pursue my dream of becaming a good drummer. Good enough so that I and people around me can enjoy the music I play and to be able to play anything I want. Oh and-Im a woman :) 

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    "dont listen to the nay sayers" - Arnold, there alot of "realistic thought" that is actually negative thought as part of the group way of thinking 

    Also there's something to be said of practising alot in a go over doing a little over the long term I can get better at gaming if I go all out for a month than I can doing a little for a year

    Dont be afraid of failure- Arnold, if you fail give up and move onto the next thing, and the next who cares ull eventually find something that will succeed  (arnold is a failed power lifter and there were other things)

    Dont be a pu,ssy no one will care when u r dead, no one cares now its all bs in your head, how much do u care about what others do? Dont apologise about your behaviour its beta male behaviour to do that , to not want to rock the boat , and ull regret it when you are an old man looking back

    You sound liek you have delusional lack of self belief , some women are very skinny and they think they are fat, some men are very big and think they are small, you sound like you are very talented and think you are untalented WAKE UP TALENT 

    Source(s): who cares live with passion follow your passion, its fun in itself, and has some likelihood to succeed because you have natural drive to do it, some brains should be included, but generally just doing what u love the most is a good idea
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    Go for it!

    Some people who need to practice drum at a quieter level get practice drums, which can be very quiet. There's a bunch of types, plus electronic drums, practice pads, etc.  FWIW, I sometimes just practice by tapping my hands on my legs and my feet on the ground.

    I've been slowly learning drums myself, too, and it's a lot of fun!

    In 5 years (if you practice for a bit each day and maybe find a good teacher and/or some YT channels to learn with, plus playing with friends and along to some great tracks), you may really surprise yourself with how much you've learned!

    All the best!

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    I'm not interested in drums, but I picked up a cello for the first time in my life at the age of 64. Arthritis forced me to give up fairly soon, but in the few months when I was able to handle it, I had a really wonderful time. I still remember the elation I felt one day when I realised I was actually reading the notes on the page and playing them on the cello at the same time - a very simple tune, it's true, but something I had never done in my entire life till then.

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    Absolutely. I play cornet in a brass band, after learning to play as a child, I had a 30 year break and got back into it in my mid 40s. Having spoken to other brass band players, it's not unusual to have a break of several decades and go back to playing again. In fact more than half the people I have spoken to on the subject say they have had a break of ten years or more.

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    I would just do it. I’m almost 65 and I started rollerblading again. I don’t really care if people think I look like a demented old man on rollerblades. I just like it. I got some roland electronic drums for my son when he was younger and I started messing around with them because he didn’t really have much interest.  So that was in my early 60s also

    . I also play guitar somewhat and used to play piano a lot. Taught myself boogie-woogie style piano playing as well as learn some Bach two part inventions on my own and things like that. The problem is now that I’m having a lot of problems with my hands arthritic stuff and Visual issues and other neurological issues since I got messed up on some psychiatric drugs that I took after a bad divorce. LOL. Stop taking those a couple of years ago but they did a lot of damage. 

    But I like the roller blading because you don’t have to have perfect vision and you can have arthritis and you can still do it. It’s easier on the joints then something like running but it’s still good exercise if you do it right. And it just makes me feel good when I’m doing it. Just gliding along like a ghost or  a spirit. LOL. Maybe I’m preparing myself for the disembodied afterlife which I should be in countering fairly soonSo I understand the perfectionism thing also, Because I also have that issue in spades, but you have to just decide what your goal is. I mean you could start now and still play with bands I guess and stuff On an amateur or even paid basis if you wanted toOr  you could just do it for yourself. Because music is very good for the human brain and human health anyway and spirit anyway. If you enjoy it that’s enough of a reason to do it. But people start things at all kinds at ridiculous ages and still get good at them. Like the rollerblading I do, I saw a YouTube video about a woman who started when she was 68 years old and now she’s 72 or something. This English woman. And she’s actually better at it than I am she has better form etc. I also used to belong to a hiking club where there were people in their early 80s who are doing 20 mile a day hikes in rough terrain. They say even professional mountain climbers sometimes don’t reach their peak until they’re in their 50s.I remember a woman I read about who was in her 90s and she climbed Mount Fuji in Japan..I just saw another video recently about a woman who is in her 90s who went sky diving for the first time as a birthday present. Think about that. She did one of those tandem jumps but it’s still pretty intense. Think about overcoming that kind of fear and doing something like that when you’re in your 90s and a lot of people couldn’t even do it who are much younger.People have taken up musical instruments and painting and many other things at a very ‘advanced’ stage. And still gotten very good at them.Anything is possible. If you are 30 then you still have a lot of potential left in you.  And you’re also not old and decrepit and falling apart like me so you have that on your side too. So strike while the iron is hot as they say

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    3 months ago

    If you want to do it, do it.  

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Why not? I learned to play the clarinet at 55.

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    It is never too late to learn an instrument. Music should be enjoyed at any time in your life. 

    Also it is not the number of years you play and instrument that counts. It is the number of hours. Some people play occasionally once a week for years and never get better, while others practice for hours every day and become great. 

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    of course yes. no harm in trying out

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    Your neighbors will hate it

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