03 Chevy Silverado fuel injection \ seems my fuel is running back to tank making it crank forever before starting if I,m lucky?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    CONFUSING here!  SOUNDS like you have a BAD FUEL PUMP RELAY or STARTER RELAY. When you turn the key to ON< there should be about a SECOND or less of the PUMP noise you are referring to here. Other cars with INJECTION have a FUEL ACCUMULATOR that holds the fuel pressure in when the card is SITTING, off.  Most cars have TWO fuel lines. One goes to the ENGINE and the other BACK to the tank! IN between there is a FUEL FILTER and a FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR! The REGULATOR relies on GOOD VACUUM form the engine to work as it should! ???POWER WAH your engine with GUNK ORIGINAL: ORANGE engine cleaner! If you have OIL On the starter or Bendix, it should WASH CLEAN! Leave car RUNNING while you lean things up.  ALL ENGINES need to be cleansed once in a while so HEAT does not get trapped and the CRANK POSITION SENSOR is NOT overheating! it is an ELECTRO MAGNET and excessive HEAT from the radiator can make it QUIT! Be SMART and use ONLY FULKLY SYNTHETIC OIL in this monster! IT will SAVE on GAS, and last longer along with the pricey CONVERTER and )2 sensor! STAY AAWAY from VALVOLINE and other WAX based oils that leave SLUDGE< VARNISH< COKE and WAX behind! Use PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM cuz if you save receipts it gives a warranty out to 500,000 MILES! It is NOT made from crude, it's made from NATURAL GAS and CLEANS as you drive saving GASKETS, SEALS and PCV hoses from getting SOFT!>>>also remove the bad FACTORY PLUGS and install a set of DENSO TWIN TIP IRIDIUM LASER plugs! There is NOTHING better and IRIDIUM burns MORE fuel MORE completely! EXPECT more fuel mileage And MORE power when you NEED IT! IT also protects the CONVERTER as less carbon is made. IF your engine does NOT start with a LIGTH TOUCH of the key, SOME THING is WRONG! Get a CHECK UP at th dealership,. as much as i HATE GM dealers. ALL CARS today use BOSCH injection! GM used to have TBI injection on many models. It is more like CALIBRATED DRIP or GM JOKE INJECTION to me! IT has been UPDATED by HOLLEY and EDELBROCK so that the INJECTOR is UNDER the throttle plate and NOT above it. GM has very WEAK idle Ari control vales that adjust the AIR/FUEL mixture around town and in STOP and GO conditions! IF you have used VALVOLINE or other WAX BASED OIL< it will be CLOGGED UP and make it harder TO START! The use of PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM with 0W-30 will CLEAN the CRAP out of things! WAX oils give of HARMFUL ACIDIC vapors that turn into WAX and SLUDGE deposits and THEY BAKE into engine parts! The use of a PROPER synthetic prevents al this and you NEVER need to clean the throttle body or the idle air control valves and next to ZERO vapors are MADE! I use AMSOIL POWER FOAM in the PCV to clean YEARS of baked in CRUD from engine rings! The extra POWER is immediately noticed! MORE TORQUE off the line! SMOOTHER acceleration. BETTER MILEAGE and a HAPPIER converter and O2 sensor! You should HEAR the FUEL PUMP RELAY click when you turn the key to ON! IT should shut off NEARLY immediately! There is a switch somewhere that turns OFF the PUIMP in the event of a TURN OVER or ACCIDENT So the car does NOT catch on FIRE!  BE SAFE and have this thing CHECKED OUT! WASHING THE ENGINE is a GODO thing as any leaking fluids will be erased, and the space behind the RADIATOR that is a TWIG and LEAF catcher will be flushed away! ENGINE can BREATHE again!! GOOD LUCK   

  • (A)
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    4 weeks ago

    Possible split pressure fuel hose in the tank just above the pump.

  • 1 month ago

    That a symptom of a bad check valve in the fuel pump. See this post on symptoms of fuel pump failure


  • cmac'm
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    One common issue is the 'sender' or the sending unit goes bad in these GMs.

    Like others have said, leave the key in the ignition for a few seconds, 5-10, and then try cranking

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  • 2 months ago

    First thing in the morning try cycling the key to the on position (no cranking) for 10 seconds and then turn the key off. Repeat this 3 times. Then try starting the motor. If it starts right up you have a bad fuel pressure check valve in the fuel pump. 

  • 2 months ago

    Try turning the ignition 'on', then count to ten (maybe more) then turn the key further to 'start'.  This will give the pump some time to pump fuel up to the engine.  Your battery will appreciate having to only run the pump rather than spin the engine over and run the pump at the same time.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Replace the fuel pressure regulator. 

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