I need clothes, but can't buy any as shops in the UK won't let you try them on because of the Coronavirus, any suggestions?

And please don't ! say "you should know your size" because WE all know that an extra large made From one manufacturer can be alot bigger than an extra large from another manufacturer.

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  • 5 months ago
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    I get the size thing. I've fit into everything from a size 6 to a size 16 depending on the store and the garmenr. You need to ask about return and exchange policies. Do not buy anything unless they allow returns or exchanges. If enough people stop buying a store will clue in and at least start allowing exchanges and returns. One store near me didn't allow people to try on shoes. After weeks with nearly no sales that policy changed. People NEED to try shoes on. Same with clothes. 

    Do you have a dressmakers or tailors measuring tape? They aren't hard to find and they are cheap.  Get one of these and measure your chest, waist and hips, sleeve length and  length from base of the throat to the waist and inseam length for pants. Make a note of these; a note app on your smartphone means you'll always have them with you. When shopping take the measuring tape with you. Lay a piece of clothing out flat and measure across the chest from arm pit to arm pit. Double that. Now measure that amount with the tape around your chest. If the shirt is larger than your chest by 10 centimeters or more it should fit. Use the same measuring trick on the waist, hips, length -anywhere a garment needs to fit. Compare with your notes and hold the measuring tape up to your body to see how the inches and centimeters fit on your body. As a general rule it's better to buy a bit larger because things sometimes shrink when washed. For good clothes such as professional office and career clothes slightly larger cam be altered and talored to fit.

     If a store clerk says anything about handling the merchandise to measuring ask them what are you supposed to do if you can't try them on. You've go to do SOMETHING to ensure they fit. If they object leave the store immediately and take your money elsewhere. Money talks and no money speaks the loudest. 

    The return and exchange policy is a bit more lenient with web shopping. Don't be afraid to ask customer care any questions you have about sizes and fit. Store sites have measuring and size selection tips. Don't buy unless you can return.

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    Nice one , thanks Linda 

  • Robin
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    5 months ago

    Buy them from primark and return the ones that don’t fit. You have 28 days 

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