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Is it expensive to move to California ?

I am thinking of moving from Massachusetts to California maybe LA or San Diego 


Any advice for moving ? 

What’s it like over there?

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    Someone once told me "San Diego is too expensive for an honest cop to live there". But there are places for all budgets in LA. Or move to Sacramento or Bakersfield if all that matters is cost.

  • Andrew
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    1 month ago

    California is an immense place - it's about the size of Sweden and has a population that's larger than that of Canada. The state of Massachusetts would fit inside California nearly 20 times, and California has about six times as many people. 

    The city of Boston is about 3,000 miles from Los Angeles. If you were to drive from one to the other, without making any unnecessary stops (food and fuel only), it would take about two full days to make the trip by car - and that's with a pair of drivers taking turns at the wheel. Doing the trip alone would easily take at least four days, probably five. 

    Of course, driving isn't the only way to make the trip. You could opt to fly and either have your things shipped along or you could just take whatever you can carry on the plane and replace the rest when you get there. 

    To address the first part of your question, the manner that you go about arranging your move will depend on several factors - how much stuff you're planning to take, what your budget is, etc. You certainly can't go about carting all of your belongings with you in a truck or trailer unless you've arranged where they're going to be placed once you arrive, so you might actually have to do one (possibly more than one) trip out there to make arrangements. A wise person would line up a job and accommodation before arriving. If you do that, you'll be in a better position. And if you've never been there before - and I gather that you haven't, you'll likely want to get a feel for the place before committing to living out there indefinitely. 

    To address the second part of your question, California is a very varied place. There are big cities, lush forests, mountains, deserts, beaches, farmland... If you are asking about the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, the first thing to come to mind would be the cost. Massachusetts isn't a cheap state to live in either - especially the Boston area where rents and housing prices are simply extortionate. The culture is strikingly different from that of the East Coast. The people are different, the weather is different, everything is different. 

    If you really want to make the move, you ought to make the trip out there to see what's it's like before committing to it. Inevitably that's going to cost you some money and you'll have to find a way to take the time to be able to make the trip - something that won't be easy to do during this tumultuous time, but in the end you'll be glad you went to the trouble. I can tell you from personal experience that it's not a good idea to move to a place that you have never visited before.  

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    Yes, California is expensive.

  • 1 month ago

    Moving anywhere without an assured job and place to live is the very definition of foolish.  LA has terribly polluted air (all my exposed skin peels off if I spend more than two weeks there), is grotesquely spread out, and lacks anything resembling decent public transit.  Santa Barbara is probably the prettiest city in the USA.  The Bay area has good transit, good living, but is expensive.  Sacramento sucks, and is too near the fires.

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    I'm born and raised here in Cali, but came back after living in Washington DC for 12 years so my kids would bond with family. I miss the East Coast and the pay was great in DC. I can totally relate since I've lived bi coastal and traveled to Massachusetts. DON'T MOVE HERE!!  Taxes are outrages and your money goes to the homeless population which is the biggest in any other state.

    Home prices in San Diego area range $400k for a  nice 1 bedroom condo to 2 mil. for an average ranch style house. The farther you are out like in San Bernardino County, the longer drive to a beach.

    The top fives states for the highest earners are: DC, MD, NJ, HI, MA. Yes Massachusetts beat California. You do pay higher property taxes but our state income tax is high. Do the math and compare. Also, human longevity is not in Cali. Check out the poorest air quality in each state. Who cares about the weather when it's polluted with smog, fire ash, and chemicals

    Everyone wants to come to Cali and I don't get it.  You are closer to the most beautiful beaches along the eastern seaboard and historical neighborhoods. Our beaches don't compare to Carolina, Florida or Virginia beaches either. Here you will see human feces and needles on the beaches due to the homeless population.  They're are secluded beaches and much nicer but you are closer to Eureka.

    On the other hand, if you are wealthy and don't care about the taxes, want to get into the entertainment industry; or an advent outdoor person (enjoys surfing, water rafting, sailing, skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, scuba diving, etc.); then you will make it work. 

    And please don't move here just for the weather. The snow isn't going to kill you. 

  • 1 month ago

    Well, my experience is not of a big city, but for what can be worth you can afford California only if you are a very skilled professional and get a high paycheck.

  • Ann
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    1 month ago

    If you want to maintain your sanity and your quality of life, stay put.  Do not move to California.  People are leaving there as fast as they can and moving elsewhere.  San Diego is one of the most expensive places in the U.S., and crime in L.A. is unbelievable.  The wildfires happen every summer because they won't clean up the forests, there is more homelessness than any other state, and quality of life is just not good.  I'm not just putting the state down--I have a grandson who lives there, and he can't wait to be able to move.  Due to COVID, he can't leave right now, but he says as soon as he can, he's gone.

  • 1 month ago

    It's very expensive. Especially San Diego. It has the  most homeless of any state.

    I used to live in Huntington Beach, south of LA. The one bedroom apt I had, has tripled in price, in 14 years.

    But the weather is moderate all year long. I hated the snow in CT.

    Source(s): Check rental and purchase prices for San Diego.
  • drip
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    1 month ago

    Home and rent prices are outrageous. So is property tax, Income tax, food, car insurance, gas. LA is full of smog and traffic. Comparing to living outside of Chicago.  My daughter lives in north California.. Fires, smoke and ash is more of a problem every year. They are both looking for jobs outside of CA. 

    Moving anywhere is expensive.  Look a Pods. U-haul has a service.  You pick it up, pack it, take it back and they move it to your new place. Where you unpack 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No, picking up your entire life and transporting it (yourself and your belongings) 3,000 miles to a place where you haven't yet gotten a job or a place to stay isn't expensive it all. It's super cheap. Why don't you take those two nickels you've got in your pocket and get started right now and let's see how far you get?  

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