find the hood support for '69 chevy C20?

I need this horizontal hood support for the 1969 chevy C20 as seen in the picture.  It is to support the center part of the hood.  It is frequently seen in this model truck but nobody knows the name of the part nor where I can find it.  I searched the junk yard hot lines and internet classic car dealers.. The slight curvature and support is what I need to stop the wind from sucking down my hood at 40mph or faster.  It looks like someone jumped on the hood and sometimes needs to be manually pushed back.   where would you suggest?  Know what it's called? 

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  • 2 months ago

    It’s never sold separately as it’s an integral part of the hood.

    Any professional metal fabricator should be able to make a simple part like that, and your local bodyshop will be happy to weld it in place at the ends and use the correct adhesive mastic compound where the brace meets the top skin of the hood.

    Car bodyshops which specialise in older cars will likely be able to fabricate the part in-house and if they can’t will have a “go-to”  fabricator that they use for anything they can’t fabricate on-site.

    If you don’t wish to go that route then the only alternative is to replace the entire hood: which may well cost a lot more as they’re no longer available new (except maybe as pattern parts which often need lots of fettling to fit properly).

  • k w
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    did you try the junk yard ?

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