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will Atlanta host another Olympics in the future?   ?

Atlanta last hosted the Olympics was in 1996 it was the centennial Olympic games. The games had a impact the city of Atlanta, Georgia which inspired the city to host others major sporting events like the super bowl, NBA all star games and more. Halfway though the games, a bomb went off and injured a lot  of people (let hope that don't happened again). Do you think Atlanta will host the Olympics again? yes but not anytime soon.

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    Never going to happen.  The IOC doesn't care about how the NFL awards Super Bowls, nor do they care about NBA/NHL All Star Games.

    The Olympic Stadium was repurposed for the Atlanta Braves and they ditched it for a ballpark last year which means it barely lasted 20 years.  So much a legacy.  Hot humid weather, horrible traffic, 

    Plus, hosting an Olympics is one of the dumbest things a city/region can do in terms of financial impact.  For the record, the city and state both admit that hosting the games in 1996 'did not create material economic uptick' which is a nice way of saying that it didn't really help.  

    It cost the city of Atlanta $2bn to host the Olympics, and US taxpayers paid $609mm of that.  It got worse six years later when it cost $2.7bn to host the 2002 Olympics in Utah (federal taxes paid $1.3bn of that).

    If you look at cities that have hosted the games, it's a financial disaster.  Montreal "just" paid off the debt from the 1976 games a few years ago.  Rio is effectively broke after hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup AND the 2016 Summer games.  London "lost" $13bn, and Beijing lost $37bn from hosting the 2008 games.  Athens suffered a fate similar to Rio.

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    No. The moment the IOC announced they would consider Atlanta, the scrutiny on them would be insane after the rumoured bribery that got Atlanta it the first time. Would be a PR disaster for the IOC. Also the cost of the Olympics is slowly getting to the point where very few cities will be able to afford it, so expect more middle Eastern cities to win it in the future or developing nations with deep pockets.

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