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Chronic hives?

I've been suffering for hives for a few years now. There are no reasons why I get them and I really struggle to manage it with anti histamines. I sometimes I get them when I feel really cold even tho the tempature is not cold enough to caue the hives and I get them when I am anxious and stressed. Sometimes there no explanation and it so painful to have them. Any ideas what it could be or advise me on better management strategies 


I am also getting them daily at the moment!!

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    Yes, there is a condition like yours where various triggers including cold cause hives; its ill-defined.  here are few inks but you can google chronic urticaria and read more. Dont know who manages yours but a specialist may be helpful.

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    Have you seen a doctor? A dermatological allergist?  It's really not a good idea to try to manage this all by yourself, not if it's been going on for some years now.

    See a specialist and get professional advice.

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    You need to see a Doctor. Something in your life is causing an allergy. It's not normal.

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    "There are no reasons why I get them..."

    Yes there are. You just don't know the cause. Cold does not cause hives. Stress and anxiety are the likely cause, but you need a professional evaluation to get to the bottom of it.

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