wheres the fuel filter on my 1.6 2005 Vauxhall Astra club?

I've had a look and can see the fuel filter, could it possibly be in the tank itself?




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    4 months ago
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    Sort of.

    The end of the fuel pick-up tube in the tank has both a strainer to stop large debris, and a fine mesh to stop smaller ones. 

    But they’re not intended to be serviceable during the lifetime of the car and are there more as a preventative protection measure. The tank itself is plastic so won’t rust.

    There will be at one other mesh filter where the fuel line enters the fuel injection system but again, it’s not really intended to be a periodic consumable item. The fuel pump itself, whether mechanical or electric, also includes lifetime internal mesh filters on both the inlet and outlet.

    Very few modern petrol-engined cars Sold for the UK and European markets have inline fuel filters which are intended to be replaced during routine maintenance: they simply don’t need them; the fuel pump  nozzle which fills your tank also has its own inline mesh filter which does get periodically  serviced. So the chances of crap getting into the tank are very low, and the chances of any which does getting into the fuel injection system are so low that car manufacturers can choose to delete the filter to save on manufacturing costs and to make regular servicing cheaper and faster.

    Vauxhall/Opel and other manufacturers do still routinely fit replaceable filters to some export market vehicles going to countries where underground fuel storage tanks are not replaced by law every twenty years or so, and for countries which have long dry dusty seasons.

    Add an inline fuel filter if you wish, but if you forget to change it at the correct intervals or if future owners simply don’t know it’s there then it could cause the very trouble it’s intended to prevent when the paper filter element inside starts to break up.

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    Very few vehicles have a fuel filter anymore. Call an auto parts store to see if they even list one for your vehicle.

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