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Why do they alternate days? Why not just keep them each in 1 class?

My school does this thing where if there's a Special Ed kid in any class, they assign a teacher aide to the class to help keep an eye on them so the teacher can focus on the whole class. I'm in 2 classes like that this year (senior), and I've been in at least one every year where a special needs kid has an aide. 

One thing I noticed is that there's typically 2 aides who alternate days in classes. For example, on Monday, Aide 1 will be in Class 1 while Aide 2 will be in Class 2, and then they switch every other day. Why doesn't the school just keep them in 1 class permanently? 

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    The school has its challenges and deployment problems. Try to be more understanding.

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    they may be part time so that the school doesn't have  to give them benefits

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    Since every school has different policies, the people to ask would be the administration staff at your school.

    Maybe they want the aides to experience a variety of teaching skills.

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    It may be some system your school uses. Most places that I know of one aide is assigned to one student and will go with that student to any classes necessary (i.e. always the same aide with the student). 

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