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I don't have passion?

I used to be so motivated all the time in high school. I didn't sleep much, but was full of energy. I went to work, made YouTube videos, & was so passionate about what I was talking about. After I got out of high school, all of a sudden, I lost my interest in things. It has been almost 2 years since I left high school, and all I do now is spend time on the couch. I moved out of my parents house and live with my boyfriend. I'm a very career-driven person, but I'm not passionate about anything anymore. Nothing seems to interest me. I always try new things and have had multiple jobs, but I don't seem to like anything. I tried to make YouTube videos again, but it always seems like I have nothing to say. I get up in the morning and I have no goals. I have nothing to look forward to. I don't want to do anything. Literally. Anything. I honestly don't know what's wrong with me. It's like I did a 180 and turned into this couch-potato-like person. I thought I'm depressed, but I don't seem to be sad. Any tips?

+ I also have no energy throughout the day. I'm always sleepy, even though I get plenty of sleep. 


^ Since I live alone, I try to do productive things like clean the house, cook meals, read books, study something, but everything seems boring to me. I'm genuinely concerned because this is not how I was like 2 years ago. 

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    Sounds like your BF is a loser.  Is cheating or treating you like sh*t.   That might be tough to hear.  Possibly you are empathic or gifted, I don't know.  But you are not stupid right?   I am asking - I do not know.  10,000 + yrs ago when women gave birth  babies did not talk, they still do not. So women had to figure out ways to communicate with the child, if they did not, the family died.  Mom does not have "eyes in the back of her head".  Unless you are gifted or empathic most women are not (nothing close)... 'Womens Intuition' is nothing mysterious.  Women are better with language, our brains are different, it is how we evolved.  Men and women are biologically and neurobiologically different.  Women are better at picking up subtle signs, low level signals and better with relationships/love.  This does not mean women are better.  Just means you (if you are a girl/women) are better at this stuff.

    You see body language, get signals, ques, signs, tone, distance/attitude/behavior and many things.  As a human you have very specific needs and as a woman you have needs too.  Finally as you, whoever you are there are personal needs.  I'd argue these are not being met.  Possibly you are giving everything you have and getting nothing back.  Possibly there are problems in the relationship you "feel" them and he is denying them... But you see them, you are being blamed?  I don't know.  Its odd usually there are patterns of this throughout your life.  Often it doesn't just pop up. Though 20-25 is when the severity of the problems would increase.

    I work with women with CPTSD; PTSD, BPD, MDD, BD and many other things.  You didn't really tell us enough. Sort of seems like depression but no idea. Want to talk email only:

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    You don't have to be sad to be depressed. I would get a check up with my doctor may have a hormonal imbalance.

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