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Should I be worried ?

My partner lack of communication annoys me but when he is on Facebook It angers me as I feel he can text me to ask how I am. When I’m with him and he’s on Facebook he don’t get any messages and goes on right in front of me so I think I’m being silly as he don’t have a lock on his phone either why I’m asking is does anyone else’s boyfriend go on Facebook  and not message them or not reply if you have already messaged them is it a man thing? 

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  • Marnie
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    3 weeks ago

    a lot of people are addicted to their screens and Facebook et al deliberately make it so..  have you been together a long time? if so I wouldn't worry too just talk to him honestly about it - if its a new relationship he should be wanting to make a good impression so then I would see it as a bit of a red flag 

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