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Did post-1945 immigration destroy Britain's culture?

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    I think it really got destroyed by WW1 when they killed an entire generation of men for no reason, WW2 was the icing on the cake as they bankrupted themselves beyond repair, again for a pointless war. 

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    As Jas B says, over the years Britain has welcomed immigrants from many countries and, on the whole, they have successfully integrated. Unfortunately, so many have come to our country with no intention of integrating. They bring their own religion, to which I don't object, but they expect that our long established laws aren't applied to them. We have always accepted that men and women are equal, we can marry who we want, we can eat what we want, we can have dogs as pets, our children aren't mutilated. The only laws are those set in statute so we don't recognise Shariah law. Our animals for food are killed humanely and to enjoy British citizenship, speak English. I ask myself, if they don't like our way of life, why do they come?

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    Culture isn't a fixed thing, it changes and adapts to the people it serves. Britain has a richer culture thanks to immigration (itself a legacy of imperialism). It could however be argued that mass immigration post WW2 has resulted in rapid cultural changes that people are uncomfortable with. That was probably a key factor in Brexit.

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    Without their help, our British Isles would be a 3rd world country.  We didn't have enough skilled workers after our young men lost their lives fighting to protect us from the Nazis.  So we sent out requests for people from other countries to come here to the UK to help rebuild etc.

    Our culture is alive and kicking and perhaps due to the emigrating Indians has now got an Indian Restaraunt in every town.

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    People here deliberately miss the point of your question so let me answer it.   I think you are right in asking your question.  Millions of people from 3rd world countries, from totally foreign cultures are deliberately being allowed to enter England and Europe so our culture is being REPLACED by theirs.  And it is not only our culture that's being affected.  Before, you could only enter a European country in a not so distance past, if you could prove that you were healthy.  Now ?  I saw outside a supermarket a beggar of about 30 years of age with his head almost completely covered in big scabs so it is not only our culture that's suffering.  A few years ago, when Blair was still Prime MInister I read that he went personally to Romania to enter into talks with the Romanian government to arrange to bring to England one million Romanian gypsies.  I was furious...  Why would Blair do that ?   My girl-friend is Portuguese so I am fairly familiar with what happens in Portugal.  Their newspapers announced recently that the Portuguese people welcome with open arms all the african 'refugees' who want to enter  Portugal.  This I know for a fact that it is a  L-I-E.    The Portuguese despise this invasion of 'refugees' who want to enter Europe.  The Portuguese newspapers are LYING big time. The Portuguese hate and fear this invasion from Africa. Trump is right.  The media lie and lie.   Finally, last year I came across a website on the internet, a Jewish website where pople were saying that they are very happy to see this invasion of Europe and I quote   "I am happy to see Europe being destroyed by this intake of millions of 'refugees' because of what Europeans did to us Jews in WW2 and now famous European cities will be unrecognizable in a not so distant future" because of that invasion.  At least Israel takes care of its people... I read in some newspaper on the internet that Israel has expelled all black refugees because "they are destroying their Jewish culture".   Israelis  are clever.  We're stupid, I'm sorry to say.  Somewhere in north London I witnessed an argument between an Enlish woman and several Muslim men in a London street.  She was saying "THIS IS A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY, GO HOME" (or words to that effect.   The Muslim men were laughing and mocking her and shoutting..."THIS IS NOT A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY ANYMORE,WOMAN !"... and then laughed !

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    british culture , hmm it thought you let the blacks in because you where to good to do the menial fobs like ticket collecters on buses and railways .

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    No. What killed Britain's culture was identifying with white supremacists. 

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    Immigration never kills culture it adds to it or maybe changes it but the culture is always there. 

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    Migrant labour from the Commonwealth helped reconstruct the country after World War Two and maintain the transport and health services. 

    Bus conductors and drivers and hospital nurses and doctors from many parts of the world were crucial to these services, and remain so today. Migrant factory workers were essential to many businesses in the 1960s and 1970s. 

    The catering and hotel businesses - a major earner for the British economy - continue to be heavily staffed by immigrant workers.

    Britain has a long history of immigration, the Vikings, Normans, Flemings, Huguenots, Indians, French, Dutch, Germans, Russian Jews, Poles etc. etc. they have all immigrated in large numbers, not forgetting the largest group, the Irish.

    We are a race of mongrels, most of us interested in our genealogy have come across ancestors from elsewhere, in my case Spanish.

    Each of these groups have enriched our culture,   

    The deep undercurrent of Jamaican beats in popular music, from ska and lovers’ rock, through dancehall to grime, is well known. Other influences have also been strong, from European electro house to the 1990s Asian Underground.

    From doner kebabs to chicken tikka masala, spaghetti Bolognese to baguettes, piri piri to bagels, sweet and sour pork to pierogi, the food brought by migrants has been adopted and embraced in this country. Even small towns without distinctive minority communities have their Chinese takeaways, Italian and Bengali restaurants and, most recently, North African and Eastern European bakeries and cafes.

    As someone who grew up on the normal British diet which existed before we adopted all these great foods was nothing to write home about.

    In 2012 the iconic sculpture in the London Olympic Park, the Arcelor Mittal Orbit, was designed by a British Indian sculptor, Anish Kapoor. 

    In 2014 the Best Picture Oscar was awarded to a film directed by a black British artist and filmmaker, Steve McQueen. 

    In 2015 the most watched programme on television, the Great British Bake-Off, was won by a British Muslim Bangladeshi, Nadiya Hussain, who baked a traditionally English lemon drizzle cake decorated with a sari. These three examples show how those who we see representing Britain reflect our cultural diversity.

    There are many successful business owners and managers in British today who have arrived and settled here from other parts of the world. In 2014, it was found that 8.3 million people in Britain were employed in businesses started by immigrant entrepreneurs.

  • Yes, 100%. 

    I have explained why a thousand times so I'm not about to provide another comprehensive answer tonight.

    Lady Europa has done that. Well done, Maria 

    Edit....Snafu, our empire was built by white people so that negates your argument. Third world immigrantion has destroyed our culture, not enhanced it. 

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