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Ovulation while in period? ?

I'm a healthy 34 yr old mom of 3. No chance of pregnancy. Periods are on time.

I'm due for my period tomorrow. Today, I went to the bathroom. When I wiped, it looked like regular ovulation on the paper. I was so confused. It's not time for that. Fast forward to this evening. Go to bathroom. There's the ovulation again. This time tinged with some brown, but not fully. Pushed some paper in there just a bit to see, and it come back brown. So that told me period is on its way. But ovulation too? That's what is confusing me. What is this! Could it be ovulation that never made it out before? Or is it possible to ovulate the day before your period. 

Never noticed this before. 

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    A period happens about 14 days after ovulation.  A period would not happen directly after ovulation.

    One of two things is happening - either you have had a very late ovulation and your actual period will also be late - by about two more weeks.  (the brown discharge might still mean your period is about to start or it might have been a little random breakthrough bleeding and the actual period might be late if ovulation was late)

    OR - you have misidentified the discharge you seen and it was not ovulation mucus.  You don't actually see "regular ovulation" on the paper.  What you see is changes in your cervical mucus.  These changes are based on hormone levels in your body.  So, a hormone imbalance could also cause changes in your cervical mucus and wouldn't always indicate actual ovulation.  


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