You know this movie? A Family, an old woman, a house & a cake with glass inside?

Hello, I search for a movie that I saw. 

My boyfriend can't remember the movie even though we watched it together. 

He thinks I dreamed it ..

We searched the movie, but we didn't find anything anywhere. 

The Movie:

A Family (Dad, Mom is pregnant & little daughter, maybe 6,7 years old(?) ) moves into a new big house. It's a rural neighborhood. In this house lives a old woman , too. It's her house! 

The neighbors warning the family for the older woman. 

She lives upstairs in the house. 

The neighbor often took care of the little girl. 

The older lady always interfered and wanted to take care of the girl herself. 

She will to be ,,the grandma''. She helped the mother with many things. 

She wanted to be a part of the family. 

When the baby comes, the old woman is supposed to call the man, but she didn't do. So the man came too late. They were right to be angry.

At some point the old lady baked a cake. There was glass in the cake. 

The daughter had eaten some of the cake .. But she was fine. 

They called the police, but they couldn't do anything. From then on, the mother investigated. The old lady said she had no family. But there was a daughter nearby who found her. The mother spoke to the old woman's daughter. She said that her mother is crazy or so. I can not remember all the details. With help of the daughter, the old lady left the house. 

At the end the old woman came in a psychatry, I think.. Yes and the family lives in the house and was happy. 

Does the movie really exist? 

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