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Everyone once in a while the internet just 'freezes' and i have to turn off the wireless router and back on again ?

then it works like a dream.  And it will work for weeks, months even.

but every once in a while,  its rare but it does happen and when it does its seriously annoying,  there is no data being transferred across and its dead. 

i turn off the wireless router for 5 to 10 minutes, smoke a joint then turn it back on and hey presto - super fast broadband!

why does this happen, whats the explanation behind why this happens ?

is this heat related ? we are talking about a device here which is electronics based,  does over heating cause the wireless router to clam up ?

or is it something else ?

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    There are two things that may be happening. One is that your ISP has set a limit to the number of hours you can connect to them. When time is up, you are automatically disconnected. There are a lot of reasons for this and it is mainly for security on both sides (yours and the ISP). It can also be done for maintenance. In any case, you are allowed to log in almost immediately as long as you have no financial obligations to them.

    The other reason that may be happening is that you have been cut-off unintentionally during a pause in your connection. This happens when there are a lot of users trying to use the ISP's service. There is a limited number of slots for the ISP to accommodate and (of course) they oversell those so their customers are left to fend for themselves. What you are doing is correct. When cut-off, you unplug your router (around 30 seconds will do), then plug again, hoping that someone already logged out and you can take his slot.

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    The cause is most likely buggy software running on the router itself.  You can try updating the routers software (from the vendors support site), but that may not cure it.

    There is a common "bug" in software known as a memory leak.  It isn't a leak per se, but more like a memory grab.   In the process of executing the software there is lots of information that is temporary in nature, written into memory (RAM).  Sometimes the software doesn't release that memory to be available again when it's finished with the temporary information.  Little by little all the RAM is eaten up and when the operating software runs out of RAM the router just freezes or as I've seen just a sub routine, like DHCP, will freeze.  The only way to clear it is to reboot the router.

    I've experienced this problem with every Linksys and Netgear router I've ever owned.  Because these memory leaks are so difficult to find by the developers they rarely fix them.  Besides the developers are busy working on the next model, no time to go back and fix the old one.

    Source(s): I've worked in development of networking products for 20+ years. Memory leaks are very common.
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    Usually it happens when internet speed drops below some level.

    The problem might be in:

    1.slow supplied internet speed,Check speed, using site

      If speed is slow callyoir ISP

    2 modem or router,mostly router gives problems

    3. restart both devices:unplug both devices,Plug-in modem first.Wait until lights get stable (2-5 minutes).When modem lights stable plug-in router,wait when lights get stable.

    If internet speed drops connect computer ethernet cable directly from modem.If you get good speed router is bad and needs to be replaced.


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