If my friend was so very resentful towards this girl who later passed away why is he speaking so very kindly of her all the sudden?

Before my friend's acquaintance who turned her back on him he dismissed her as a total snob and was resentful that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore, then when my friend's acquaintance gets killed in a car accident he is all the sudden speaking very kindly of her and starts talking about what a wonderful impact she, her family and all of their friends have made in his life.

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    3 weeks ago
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    He's worried about his appearance. It wouldnt look good on him go bad mouth someone who can't defend themselves. 

    Here's an example.My dad's ex girlfriend who he shares a son with recently died from cancer and his current wife (my mom ) pleaded with him to send flowers to her funeral. My dad refused, said she made his life hell, and why should he just dismiss what she did because she died + what will flowers do anyway ect.My dad stuck true to his feelings, people hated him for it and thought he was cruel. When in reality he was true to himself...

    Your friends a Coward.

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    He, probably realised that eventough he regarded her as a snob, she had her good sides. Sometimes people say things , but don’t mean it exactly so. Suppose we all do it.

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    Once someone passes away, people reflect on whether they contributed to the sorrow or pain of that person's life, and regret any time that they did so.

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