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Space: When we move forward are we really moving backwards🚶?

(it seems to me like we are not really moving in any direction)

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    That all depends on which coordinate system YOU are using AND the origin point of your coordinate system. Is your origin point YOU, your location while you are stationary relative to your surroundings, Earth's center, Earth's hypothetical vary center at a specific time, the Sun, the Solar System's barycenter at a particular time. Sagittarius A* or Andromeda I galaxy or Virgo 81 galaxy. 

    Yes, for YOU we MIGHT be going backwards. Backwards Relative to WHAT? This is WHY defining your inertial frame of reference is so important in science. 

    The reason you do not feel like you are moving, assuming you are stationary relative to your surroundings, is that we on me sense CHANGES in speed and/or directions. What is forward, backward. right, left, up or down is entirely dependent on how you define the frame of reference, the coordinate system and the origin point of that reference system and whether it hypothetically stationary or moving relative to something. 

  • Ramiro
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    4 weeks ago

    Space has no direction 🌙 Up down left right. Humans give life direction, Space just sees it as movement.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Your focus is too narrow.

    Microelectronics is still moving forward.

    Medical technology is advancing rapidly

    Chemistry still discovers novel molecules

    Archaeology still finds new fossils for study

    Biology still discovers new species.

    Space research has hit the wall of exponentially increasing cost/benefits ratio. It costs vast amounts of money to make even trivial discoveries. Hence it has pretty much ground to a halt.

  • Kathy
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    4 weeks ago

    We are not moving backwards.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The thing about space...  Everything is moving in relation to everything else.  On the space station it may seem as though they are not moving but in fact they're traveling nearly 5 miles every second in their orbit around Earth.

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