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How come African countries that Chumpsky called "sh*thole" have very few Covid deaths (e.g. Tanzania has 21, Rwanda 29, Botswana 16)?

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  • Rick
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    2 weeks ago

    because who the heck would WANT to go there ????


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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Developing countries don't have the means to conduct testing on a wide scale, so the number of cases could actually be far higher than the number that the government reports.

    People who live in developing countries may not have the same access to health care, and the standards of sanitation and cleanliness may be far lower than they are in developed countries, but many of those countries boast a more rural population where there aren't as many people concentrated in a relatively small area. Not to mention that the virus may not have even reached many of those areas to begin with as that would necessitate an infected person travelling into those regions or someone who lives there venturing out to a place where they may come into contact with someone who's infected. 

    There is some evidence to indicate that the virus spreads more quickly in temperate areas and less quickly in areas with a more tropical climate. Of course, this isn't a fixed rule, but when combined with a lower population density and less exposure to people in areas where the virus is already well established, it makes sense that warmer regions would generally have fewer cases. 


  • John P
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    3 weeks ago

    It is possible that deaths in countries with remote rural areas go under recorded, but indeed even if double, a very long way behind the USA in terms of relative population numbers.

    Population numbers:

    Tanzania  53 million

    Rwanda   11 million

    Botswana  2.2 million

    USA       320 million

    You might want to check those figures, then do the maths with the death figures.

  • Bill-M
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    3 weeks ago

    Because the Record Keeping in those countries is not the same as where you live.

    They have Deaths and infections but it is not recorded.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    The majority of COVID-19–associated deaths occur in older people. Africa has a comparatively young population, with a median population age of 19.7 years for the continent versus 38.6 years for the United States.

  • oyubir
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    3 weeks ago

    First of all, it is not, as it was first often said, because they don't count (that would be a valid reason for North Korean). But African countries are poor, sure, but not completely devoid of medicine. Plus, NGO count, not exhaustively, sure. But statistically, we can deduce what real covid death rate is, and clearly, Africa's death rate are way below Europa or America's.

    Several reasons:

    * Lot of them are quite isolated. Far less international flight, international exchange. And even domestic exchange. In lot of countries, outside the capital and a few big cities, there are a lot of remote places. They are not cut of the world, sure. But, well, they don't have dozens of huge LA, NY, Chicago, Houston or Atlanta airports. So less exchange.

    * It is not directly because virus hate the heat (if that were true, then, there pandemic would have died in Florida and California. But, virus don't like UV. Not that there are more of them in Africa (again, compared to California or Florida). But you find more of those outside. And people in Africa tend to have more outside activities. They don't pack that much in bars and discotheques (and that is where real link with heat is: respiratory virus prefer winter, because in winter people tends to have more indoor activity. And virus, even with masks, spread indoor.)

    * Africa's population is WAY younger than European or American. So that impact directly death rate, obviously.

    Lot of African countries have a median age between 15 (for example Niger) and 18 (Ivory coast). So that mean that more than half of the population are teenagers or younger. Death rate among those is near 0. People over 65 in Burundi are 2.69% of the population. It Italy 22%. And most of people who die of covid are over 65.

    It doesn't impact that much infection rate, of course (well, a little also. But this time, it is probably because teenager barely realize that they are sick, so they don't even get tested).

    (Keep in mind that this is not a general rule. People can die of covid at any age. Even among people of age 20, mortality statistics show than 2020 is a record year. And that is certainly because of covid. So, I am not claiming at all that young person are immune to covid. Just that, on the statistics, obviously, it reduce a lot the death rate)

    * I know that lot of American people see Africa as a quasi-anarchy. But, first of all, they are many different countries in Africa. TV always talk about those in civil unrest. But most of Africans live in peaceful time. And with some rule of law. Plus, they saw what happened to our medical system in Europe. They know that if our medical system collapsed, their would to surely do so also. So, they were far more disciplined than Americans to keep themselves safe (only in America you can find people to politicize such an obvious an simple measure such as a mask).

    Plus, in some of those countries, they are more used to authoritative, strict measure. And don't want to mess up with their Police.

    So, I am pretty sure that it is hard to hear for American ears, but well, yes, Africans just did a better job than you did in the pandemic management.

    (but that is only one of the reasons. Even African countries who had a poor pandemic management —there are some— were less impacted, because of the 3 other reasons).

    So, it is not because of heat (if it were, then the virus would have gone away, in April, like a miracle. It did not, as you are aware).

    But because of the combination of those factors: less population exchange, less indoor activities, younger people, and better management, better elementary precautions.

  • 3 weeks ago

    When Trump said "sh*thole countries," he didn't mention any names.

  • Sandy
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    3 weeks ago

    covid does not like excessive heat. 

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