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My husband always says my cooking isn't as good as before. He always makes fun of my cooking.?

We have a 4 month old daughter. He goes to work. He works at a barber shop and does hair. I stay at home and take care of our daughter. I stopped working after I found out I was pregnant. My symptoms were severe and I wasn't able to keep food down. I had to take pills to help me from vomiting. It was a very hard pregnancy and I wasn't able to cook as good as I did before it. Me and my husband have been together for 3 and a half years. At the start of our marriage, we were so happy. I use to make all his favorite meals because I had time and energy. After I got pregnant, things went downhill. He would always come home and complain about everything that was going on. He complained about the dirty house, about how I didnt cook in time for him to come and eat, how I was looking terrible all the time. The complaints are non stop. After giving birth, he hates the way my body looks. It's like hes jealous of his daughter who is getting all the attention. I try my best to make him happy too even though I have so many things on my hands. I'm the one who cooks, cleans, and takes care of the baby. Yesterday I told him to take out the trash which is a 30 second walk and he lost it and told me I do nothing. So I had to leave my screaming hungry daughter with him so I can go and take out the trash and than put dirty laundry in the machine. He wouldn't even soothe his crying hungry daughter. By the time I came back, my daughter was literally in tears of crying so much.


I do not have a family so I dont have anyone to help me do everything. Hes always complaining about my bad cooking and the dirty house. He doesn't help with anything at all and hes always angry and when I ask how work went, he just looks at me and rolls his eyes. He says nothing. I feel like he hates me now and I dont know what to do. I cant stand him either anymore. Does he have the right to do this to me? Or am I the one who's not giving him much attention?

Update 2:

I always try my best to give him my attention. I even threw him a birthday surprise and bought him his favorite cake and even a gift. I try to get his meals done as soon as he comes home and I always try to talk to him but he ignores me and sits in front of the TV. I know he's worked all day, but I still think my job is harder because my daughter is more fussy than any baby I've seen. I'm 28, and hes 34 if that matters. We're both new parents.

Update 3:

He was extremely happy to find out I was pregnant. He wanted to be a father and we were trying for a baby for a year and it wasn't working and it finally did. So I dont understand why hes not interested in taking care of his own child 

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    This marriage sounds awful, and you have an angry, sad husband. You have a full-time job as a new mother and your husband should be excited about the baby.  He should WANT to help you, do errands, and do chores.  He does none of those, he ignores you, and you say the complaints are non-stop. And he doesn't seem one bit excited about your baby.  Of course he has no right to do this to you!!  At age 34, your husband should have his act together but it doesn't sound like he does, or that he cares about anything.  He could be depressed about his job, but unless he opens up to you and stops the silent treatment, you'll never know.  You are at a place where you need to make a decision to leave the marriage.  Don't wait for him to "get better", because he probably won't. 

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    You need to manage your time better.

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    let him do the cooking.............

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    It's not uncommon for babies to cry when they are crying. Honestly, it sounds like the next time your husband has two days off in a row, you leave. Go visit a friend or family member for two days. Leave him with his daughter. Give him the opportunity to see just how lazy it is to take care of a baby and home with no help. My guess is that the baby will survive more easily than the husband will. Of course he's jealous of the baby! 99% of men, used to being the center of attention, are jealous of the baby. The more hands on he HAS to be, the better the bonding will be. 

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    If he isn't satisfied then you should invite him to do the cooking.

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    Sounds terrible You should eventually find a new man.

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