Would a practicing Baptist family reject a daughter who was gay?

My cousin living in Virginia USA is divorced with 3 daughters who are young adults.  I knew the name and DOB of the oldest and looked on Facebook to find the other two. I found the second girl on her sisters account. They are Facebook friends. But the youngest was named. I trawled through both the sister's Facebook accounts. Other family were befriended but no sign of the youngest.  I finally found her name on her mothers account. Now I live in Britain.  I only met the girls at their grandfather's funeral. I've been told my cousin's ex wife  and her family are Baptists and they had a big Baptist wedding.

Looking at the pictures of the sisters on Facebook I noticed the youngest sister had a number of photos where she's hugging a girl...just the two of them and different girls in different pictures.  The other sisters have boyfriends in their pictures. The youngest would be in her late teens I think. The family are from West Virginia. 

IF this younger sister is gay would they reject her because of being staunch Baptist?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    So you have been an amateur sleuth.  Good for you.  However....you actually KNOW nothing about these people.  All your ideas are assumptions.  You have assumed a back-story for this youngest girl.  You have made up a back-story to fit the photos you have seen.  You have turned the whole family into some sort of rigid, warring group who have shunned their youngest daughter because you assume (yes, assume) she's gay?  Is it any of your business anyway?  If you want to know things you will have to contact the family and ask them directly.  It's up to them whether or not they reply to your very personal questions.  You'll probably find the REAL story is totally different from what you have imagined.

  • Pearl
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    3 weeks ago

    depends on what her family is like

  • 3 weeks ago

    Only a highly ignorant family would reject their own flesh and blood because they were gay.  After all, that's the way God made them.

    And if you are truly a Christian, you would follow Christ's teachings in Matthew, ch 7, verse 1..."JUDGE NOT!"

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  • 3 weeks ago

    It’s possible. Baptist’s, like most Christian denominations, read and follow their interpretations of the Bible and they believe that, according to the Bible, homosexuality is an abomination and a sin. Now that doesn’t mean her parents will automatically reject her. There are plenty of believers that aren’t as rigid as others and wouldn’t reject a child for being gay. There are also plenty of believers who would reject/disown/never speak to a gay child or family member. My grandma was a staunch baptist most of her life and she never once rejected or disowned my little sister who is married to a woman. She would say it wasn’t her place to judge because that was gods job and this attitude allowed for her Baptist beliefs while also being a loving and tolerant grandmother. I hope this girls parents won’t reject her, but it happens. 

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